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Our Story

It all began in 2015 when Dina Vyapuri made a life-changing decision. Relocating from bustling Dublin to the serene landscapes of Rural Kerry in Ireland, Dina found herself at a crossroads. Faced with the challenge of having to quit her job, she decided to turn this obstacle into an opportunity. Dina’s passion for Cyber Security and her desire to empower others to find fulfilling career led her to create Techfindr, a company dedicated to fostering growth and talent development in the Cyber Security industry.

From the quiet corners of Kerry, Dina started building a company that would not only provide top-notch Cyber Security Talent services but also nurture talent and inspire careers. Her vision was clear: to make a meaningful impact by equipping individuals with the skills and opportunities needed to thrive in the ever-evolving world of Cyber Security.

As our reputation grew, so did our reach. In 2018, we expanded our operations to Mauritius, bringing our expertise and dedication to a new market. Building on this success, we launched in Singapore in 2023, our newest and most exciting market. This move further solidifies our commitment to making a global impact and providing opportunities for Talent Growth as well as empowering companies to create a people first culture.

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At Techfindr, diverse backgrounds and expertise fuel innovation for the future of Emerging Technologies.

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Permanent Hire

Techfindr has been hiring talent for its clients from its Irish base since its inception in 2015. Recruiting professionals on a permanent basis for technology companies is one of Techfindr’s principal services with a track record of placing Cyber Security talent in Europe, the US and Asia-Pacific and Africa. With its offices in Mauritius and Singapore each of the location specialises in Niche Emerging Tech Industries.
Contract SAAS Recruitment

We offer a full 360-degree SaaS contract recruitment service to our clients covering interim, contract and fixed term hires. Techfindr’s Contract Recruitment practice delivers a full lifecycle of services encompassing the sourcing and hiring of contractors, along with a full managed payroll service.
Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO Recruiting)

Our RPO services are suitable for clients that are looking to outsource all or part its recruitment processes to an external service provider. An RPO provider can provide its own resources or may assume the company’s people, technology,methodologies and reporting.
Recruiter Staff Augmentation

We offer Tech Recruiters on-site our clients to support large numbers of hiring or specialised  projects. It is a plug-and-play service offering.
Due Diligence Checks

Know your hires with our enhance Due Diligence Checks, automate form filling and facilitate GDRP-compliant.
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D.D.G Bigaignon
Development Manager

“Very professional and sharp attitude. Uma will go the extra mile to exceed client expectations. A nice followup was also provided as part of the experience. Keep up the good work!”

John Ó Ríordáin
Lead, Technical Training - Cyber Security

I was happily working for the same company for a decade with no real interest in moving. However Dina offered me advice around how a move would benefit me and was very helpful in matching me with my current company.

Ahmed Gaballah
Security Operations Manager

t was a great pleasure of mine to deal with Uma. She is a very committed, helpful and supportive person.
I have had a personal experience with her by being one of her recruits and i must say that she works her hardest to accomplish her task.

Alok Sinhasan
Head of Cybersecurity Engineering and Solutions

Dina is one of the best recruiters I have ever worked with. She kept me in loop through the interview process at each step of the interview. I appreciate recruiters who care for candidates. Dina is one of the very few who cares for the candidates.

Kevin Vaughan
Senior Manager Information Security

During an initial interview, we discussed my background, skill-set and goals to establish suitability to the role for which I had applied. During the entire process, Dina was tremendously responsive and provided seamless communication between myself and the employer.

Yonita Malliah
Senior Manager

Uma is very professional and skilled in her job. She is outgoing and really prepared me for the interview. With her expertise, the interview as well as the hiring process went very smoothly.

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Hidden Job Gems

Go beyond traditional job boards. We leverage our network to unlock exclusive Tech job openings that may not be advertised.

Network with Industry Leaders

Gain access to exclusive networking events and connect with industry experts, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

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Our system cuts through the noise, saving you time and frustration by focusing on the most promising job opportunities.

Competitive Salary Insights

Get access to data-driven insights on salary ranges for different positions, ensuring you negotiate fair compensation for you.

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We don't just source skills, we ignite passion. If your are on the hunt for the best Emerging Tech Talent, look no further!

Rena Maycock
Founder Chirp child-protection software (formerly Cilter)

“Techfindr was recommended to me by a friend in the startup community and after speaking with Dina about our needs and the urgency attached to them, she was quick to act. Having talent-searched quite a bit ourselves we were impressed with Dina’s ability to identity and attract exactly the right fit for our requirements. I would not hesitate to recommend Dina to anyone looking to fill a technical role at any grade.”

Gregg A Floros
VP Global Technical Support - Alien Vault

From the outset, Dina Vyapuri and her team took the time to understand our specific needs and challenges as a new comer in the Irish market. The depth of knowledge and experience that Techfindr brought to the table was truly remarkable. With Techfindr's assistance we were very successful acquiring the best in call talent for our expansion in Cork.

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